"Magnate is the perfect mix of theme and mechanics... it has the strategic depth to sit among classics like Powergrid" (Tabletop Polish)

"This is when Magnate flips a switch. It was clever before, a game about making money the way a rocket departs the launchpad with precipitous velocity. When the market crashes, it’s clear that this is borderline brilliant." (Space Biff!)

"Magnate: The First City will start a new trend of city-building games, but... the bar has been set very high indeed." (Tabletop Games Blog)

"The depth of tactics... and how different building types influence others make it a real thinking game. All four of us are very different gamers, and we all loved it!" (Northern Dice)


In Magnate: The First City, you are a property developer trying to make as much as you can in a city wide construction boom.

You'll have to choose the land you're going to buy and decide what to build there from a range of realistic 3D buildings. You'll collect rent from the tenants you attract to your developments and then, when the time is right, sell your property for a massive profit.

But beware, your actions will cause prices to rise. Eventually prices will climb too high and the boom will turn messily to bust in a game-ending market crash! Don't get caught out when it does.


50+ realistic 3D buildingsTense, highly interactive, strategic gameplayModular set-upVariable game length based on player actionsTutorial mode for easy learning without a rulebookAdvanced rules for even more replayability and challengeRobust AI mode for solo play

Players: 1-5
Playtime: 60-120 min
Complexity: Moderate, mid-weight strategy
Age range: 13+

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