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Players: 1-5
Playtime: 90-150 min
Complexity: Moderate, mid-weight strategy
Age range: 13+


In Magnate, you're a property developer out to make as much money as you can in a city-wide property boom.

To win, you'll need to snap up valuable plots of land and make strategic choices about what to build on them from a range of realistic 3D commercial, industrial and residential buildings: all in the hopes of attracting high value tenants.

But beware: as the city organically emerges, everything you build will also open up new opportunities for your opponents. Will you make a fortune? Or will you be caught out when the boom inevitably turns to bust?

"Magnate is the game Monopoly should be" - Meeple Like Us

Key features:

60+ realistic 3D buildingsTense, highly interactive gameplayModular set-up Tutorial mode for easy learning without a rulebookAdvanced rules for even more replayability and challenge

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